I am a passionate Kindergarten teacher for the NSW Department of Education.  I have taught little ones for 29 years in schools across various parts of Sydney and 6 of those years in London at Malorees Infants School in Kilburn.

I currently work at Wahroonga Public School in Northern Sydney.  Over the past few years I have been part of the regional professional learning team supporting schools and teachers with the K-4 initiative Best Start .  I was a Literacy and Numeracy Leader and a Targeting Early Numeracy (TEN) Facilitator for Northern Sydney.  More recently I was in State Office as the K-2 Target Programs Advisor with responsibilities state wide for TEN and Gifted and Talented Kindergarten (GTK).

I am once again back at Wahroonga PS 3 days and a  Language , Learning and Literacy (L3) Trainer 2 days a week.

I have always been passionate about developing strong relationships with our local prior to school facilities to ensure the best transition to our school for both students and parents.

I was very fortunate to be awarded a NSW Premiers Teacher Scholarship.

I received the 2015 Premier’s Early Childhood Education Council Early Childhood Scholarship.


I will shortly be headed to the United States for the month of April to visit and learn from exemplary educators, early childhood centres and schools. I will be traveling from Sydney to Denver CO, Houston TX, Seattle WA, San Francisco CA and Boston MA.   I am fortunate to be attending the large NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) conference in San Francisco.

It was an honour for my proposed study to also be recognised and published in a  Sydney Morning Herald article .

Please follow along my journey – which I hope to be inspiring and lots of fun.


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