MANSW K-8 Primary Maths Association Conference

Yesterday I presented a session on Number Talks at the K-8 Conference for PAM. I love this annual conference as I always come away with new inspiring ideas and learn many new things to assist my delivery of quality mathematics lessons.

The Keynote was delivered by Di Siemon – What is multiplicative thinking.  This was a great session and very interesting to see the impact of intervention through the middle years numeracy project.  Report can be read here.

The Learning and Assessment Framework is organised in terms of 8 zones from initial explorations with concrete materials through to the confident use of a wide variety of multiplicative structures and symbolic forms. More information at each of these links below.

My session was a reflection on how I have used Number Talks in my classroom after my inspiring session at NCTM in San Francisco last year.  This is exactly 1 year ago I began my scholarship tour in Denver CO, April 1st 2016.  I attended a workshop with Sherry Parrish ( below) who has written 2 Number Talk books.

I recognised a couple of people in my session from TEN training over the years which was nice.  Also attending the workshop, which was just a little intimidating and nerve wracking for me, was Professor Janette Bobis.  Janette is a mathematics educator and researcher in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. She teaches in the areas of primary and early childhood mathematics education – Janette is highly regarded in her field and published many books and journal articles. I admire her work and use her paper on visualisation in the TEN training.

For my number talks I use a variety of resources.  I have made dot pattern cards and dot plates using John A Van  de Walle’s research.  I have made a flip book ( purchased from Officeworks)  to make copies of the Number Talks from Sherry Parrish’s book – Mental Maths and Computation Strategies.

I have included the Year 1 question stings of the dot pattern, ten frame and addition and subtraction questions. I also use my bead string  and my hundreds chart.

an example of a string is

Making Tens: Number Sentences


9+ 3+ 1

9 + 5 + 1

Doubles/Near Doubles: Number Sentences

2 + 2

2 + 3

3 + 3

3 + 4


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