Connecting with Kindy in Partner Public Schools Network Meeting

November 25th 12:30-3:30pm we all met again – this time at Somersby Public School. This was a follow up on our last session at Great Beginnings at Kariong to share what has been learnt from visiting each others settings during our transition and orientation times.


We shared many great new ideas and how we can take these from each other to improve our settings to assist in transition to school. One of the most common topic discussed was the school playground and classroom environments – particularly the outdoor environment.  I discussed meeting with the director at KU Ourimbah, Rosanne Pugh, in early 2017 in regard to her knowledge of setting up Forest Schools in the UK and now at Ourimbah.  It would be fantastic to utilise the unique bush environment at Wahroonga Public School – also known as The Bush School.

One activity together was to look at the role of dispositions when a child transitions to school.  The full article can be found here  in the newsletter from ACECQA.


Dispositions support children to adjust to the school environment and develop new relationships. The ability to make meaning by applying what they already know will support children to develop their own learning strategies and successfully transition to school.
Our next meeting will be about outdoor environments- as agreed this will be of great interest to both schools and preschools.
One improvement to assist our Kindy’s I have done this term is to FINALLY get a sandpit in the school playground!  Now to shop for sand toys!




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