NCTM – San Francisco

Thursday 14 April 2106

Session 2  – Jumps, Leaps, Number lines, Number Sense and Solving Problems

Jessica Shumway , Barbara Child and Jalyn Kelley

(Utah State University and Logan City School District)


What is a number line

  • Geometric representations of numerical magnitude
  • Representations of the relationships of number (order)
  • Numbers are represented as points and distance
  • The CCSSM ( Common Core) defines a ‘number line diagram’ as ‘a diagram of the number line used to represent numbers and support reasoning about them.’
  •   using blank number lines – constrained jumps with 100’s, tens and ones jumps only 0-189 with the least amount of jumps
  • 62 + 45 with unconstrained jumps
  • Give students 3 blank number lines 0-100  and show where 14, 42 and 90  would be located . then ask your selves these questions to look at student thinking
    • What did you learn about this students thinking?
    • What does she know? In what ways does she need to further develop her understanding of numbers on the number line?
  • Structured and unstructured number lines -Research by Diezmann,C.M , Lowrie, T & Sugars, L.A (2010) Primary students’ success on the structured number line. Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom 15 (4), 24-28
  • Horizontal and vertical number lines
  • I like the vertical one with alternate numbers on each side – shows patterns IMG_9913
  • A3 laminated numbelines  with 10 markers ( 1 set with 11 markers)  to use for different activities
  •  One activity shown was skip counting on the charts and look for patterns
  • Numberline fractions – connect the concrete to pictorial to abstract- use concrete pieces  on the numberline, multiplicative thinking with fractions


Intervention  – raises confidence raises mathematical thinking  5 hashes on the number line and number boxes

IMG_9927                    IMG_9928

Motion Maths apps – decimal number line app recommended


Jessica Shumway – I met her after the presentation at the book stand – I have her book




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