Matheia School, Seattle

A friend of mine in Sydney has a good friend in Seattle who took me out to brunch and see some sights of Seattle.  After a relaxing and much needed massage we went to see her daughters school.

Matheia is a very small K-5 school in the north west of the city.

  • Each child receives individualized instruction in classes of ten or fewer
  • Each child is taught by specialists in math, science, social studies, language arts and art
  • Each child experiences the joy of hands-on learning in a community based on caring and respect
  • Each child is engaged and challenged
  • Art and science are taught every day as core classes
  • Our challenging curriculum highlights problem solving and hands-on activities
  • Students are encouraged to interact with all age groups
  • Students are assessed using portfolios and written evaluations

“Matheia students do not simply learn math, reading, writing, science, art and
social studies. They become mathematicians, writers, scientists, and artists
who have an understanding of the global community.”


Matheia School uses a specialist approach. They have math, science, art, social studies and writing teachers. Because reading is essential to all disciplines, all of the students begin their day in Reading classes. They then proceed to daily timetabled Art, Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts classes. Their curriculum also includes physical education, outdoor education, technology, music, dance, cooking, and foreign-language experiences.

The teachers’ enthusiasm for their chosen subjects is contagious; Matheia School is a place where children can experience the joy of learning. Their approach is child-centered, with the emphasis on hands-on participatory activities.

The art was beautiful throughout the school.

After the school visit I went to see the beautiful Chihuly Glass museum , have a coffee at the original Starbucks and a grilled cheese at Beecher’s handmade cheese at Pike Place.


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